How to to Build Profitable Blog/Website

Step by Step Instructions on Making a Profitable Blog


Want to write content that draws readers in? Join our crash course and learn handy tricks to use WordPress more effectively. Plan a range of posts to suit your goals. Find out how to get influencers’ attention. Get hands-on practice, support and feedback.


  • Choosing and narrowing a Topic/Keyword
  • Content strategy that actually drives organic traffic
  • On-Page ranking factors & link-building tactics to boost traffic
  • Google’s top search ranking factors
  • Use of Social media to boost traffic

Course Syllabus

Day 1

  • Choosing and Narrowing a Topic/Keyword | Private
  • Developments That Changed Keyword Research | Private
  • Top Keyword Research Tools | Private
  • Evaluate & Shortlist Keywords | Private

Day 2

  • Content Strategy that Actually Drives Organic Traffic | Private

Day 3

  • On-Page Ranking Factors & Link-building Tactics to Boost Traffic | Private

Day 4

  • Google’s Top Search Ranking Factors | Private

Day 5

  • Use of Social Media to Boost Traffic | Private

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