WordPress SEO Training – Start a Blog + Optimize + Monetize


Do you want to start your own blog?
Do you have a blog with is not getting enough traffic?
Do you want to take your blog to next level?

If the answer of any of these is yes, you have come to right place. We are conducting one classroom SEO training for WordPress websites every month. This training course is not for web designers but more for people who are looking out for best methods to take their blog to next level. Even experienced people could join this course as we teach a lot of advanced tips for blog optimization.

In the course, we would primarily focus on the implementation than on teaching. Till the students are not clear with a concept and implement it online, we do not move to next topic. This ensures a good hands-on experience which learning the basic concepts.

Course: WordPress Blog SEO
Duration: 20 Hours
Days: 10

Some of the basic topics we would takeup are –

  • Install a wordpress blog
  • Install theme
  • Shortlist and install best necessary plugins
  • Working with Yoast SEO Plugin
  • Planning categories & Topics
  • Writing Content
  • Sharing content on social media channels
  • Link building

Complete Course Details

  1. WordPress – Content Management System
  2. Keyword Research – Effective ways to do keyword research using free and paid tools.
  3. Topic Selection – One of the primary problems people face while developing the blog primarily on big blogs.
  4. Latent semantic indexing – One of the concepts using which a good article is written.
  5. Content Writing – Best practices for content writing. This is one of the most important module for this training program.
  6. Content Optimization – The 2nd most important concept covered in great detail.
  7. Multimedia (Creating Simple Videos with Powerpoint) – Here we would teach you how to make a video using Microsoft Powerpoing.
  8. Images (Photoshop Basics) – Basics about photoshop would be tought so that the basic image jobs could be handled by you without being dependent on the designer.
  9. Inter linking content – One of the most important element and seldom used.
  10. Anchor text – How to use it effectively for proper indexing of the website and for good SEO.
  11. Onsite SEO tips and strategies – Another important element covered in detail.
  12. Search engine indexing – Basics on how search engine works.
  13. Link Building – How to influence and get natural backlinks for your blog.
  14. Google Adsense – Finally, how to make money from your blog using Google Adsense.
  15. Affiliate Marketing – Another important money making machine for bloggers. Here we would teach you to works with India Affiliate Networks as well as Global ones like CJ.com, Digital River, Linkshare, Sahreasale etc.

Who should take this course?

  • SEO Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

At the end of the session you would learn to –

  • Start a professional blog
  • Search Engine Optimization for Blog
  • Write SEO freindly post?
  • Ways and means to get traffic for your blog?
  • Make money with your blog?

Course Syllabus

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