First Job or New Job Syndrome – Symptoms, Life Expectancy

Starting a first job or a new job can often be very stressful. You need to get used to a new environment, make your presence felt, make new acquaintances and you also need to get used to your work.

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Individuals often starting their first job can find themselves in a very weird situation. Beginners are not taught the workplace etiquette at school which leaves them guessing all the time about what’s the right thing to do?

First Job or New Job Situation

Starting a new or a first job can be really overwhelming.

  • You are in a state where you feel that the situation demands more than what is required.
  • Your first day at the office can get to you as you are aware that everyone else around you is not new at the place.
  • You might feel everything that is done by you is being watched and observed.
  • You would find it tough finding what you require and you wouldn’t know whom to go to when in doubt.

First Job – Exciting and Scary

New Job Syndrome

Blending yourself into the workplace in the case of a first job would be really exciting as well as scary.

  • Say you are in a job immediately after your studies, you wouldn’t know what’s the right procedure once at your workplace.
  • If you have had some kind of internship experience, that might be of help, but a real professional outing is quite different to it.
  • Observing around your work environment would help you know what exactly is going on in the office.
  • Be a very careful listener in your first job. Never go out speaking the guns right from your first day. Your opinions might not be well heeded since you are still a new kid.
  • Try learning from the experiences of your colleagues as they are your seniors.
  • Always be careful about the advice made to you. Do not comment on any such advice. Try to work yourself around for a while and you will know which ones to heed and which ones to ignore.
  • Be very mindful of your manners. Try being courteous and act with dignity.
  • Until you get to know your colleagues well enough do not try to throw out any unnecessary conversations.
  • Be very careful about office gossip. Listen to it but never try to spread it around.

New Job – How to deal with it?

Your new job can prove to be as tricky as a first job. You will be leaving behind the place that you have so got used to. Your colleagues with whom you built a wonderful rapport would not be with you anymore. It can be observed that a person spends most of the time in his/her life in the workplace.

  • Once you leave your old job behind you, it is always better to take a week or two off before you start your new one.
  • In the off-time try to learn about your new employer and your new organization. Find out what works for them and what does not.
  • Dress well enough on the first day and have a smile on your face when you walk in.
  • Make eye contact with everyone you speak to. Be positive in your attitude and try to progress with an open mind.
  • Leave your old workplace habits behind. Only carry forward the ones that are necessary and get accustomed to the new environment and work patterns.
  • Give yourself time and work in the best possible way that would leave an impact on your colleagues and bosses.

Be it a first job or new job, you will always have your inhibitions. It is tough to shed your inhibitions right from the word go. Maintaining a positive and healthy attitude would help you blend with your job, colleagues and your new workplace.

New Job in Digital Marketing Agency

In digital marketing industry, things are a bit different. A new joint gets ample time to work under a senior or a mentor. During the initial training/mentoring phase the expectations are not very high. It might not be same with all other industries where a fresher is sent for field work or has to work on the shop floor.

We at Digitalkhoj train people in such a way that they could easily deal with the anxiety of the first job. We give them an environment of the first job during the training period thus making them ready for challenges of jobs. Do get in touch with us or talk to our trainer today.

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