Free Digital Marketing Training Courses in Hyderabad

Yes, you heard it right. We are conducting free digital marketing courses in Hyderabad at our location. The topics for the free training would range from SEO, content marketing, link building, content writing etc.

Each session would be of 2 hours each and anyone could participate in the same. In most of the training sessions, we try to start from basics but some would require a prior knowledge of certain concepts.

We would take up 1 small topic every weekend and would have a thorough discussion on it. It is going to be a classroom session so your physical presence is mandatory.

Announcements: The announcements for the courses would be made on our meetup channel here. Join the meetup group and be updated about our upcoming sessions. Once we announce meetup, you would be required to join the session and we would keep you updated with the timelines, course content and location details.

Who Can Join: Well, anyone who is related to digital marketing industry could join these sessions. It would be great if everyone who is joining the session could send their LinkedIn URL or brief CV. We want to know the people who are going to join as we could customize our session as per the domain knowledge our attendees have.

Requirements: Please bring a notebook and a pen as you may want to take down some of the notes we discuss.

Question and Answer Session: We would have a half hour question and answer session about the topic we are going to discuss for the day. If you have any prior queries, do share with us as so that we could add them as part of the session.

Online Tests: We are soon going to launch online tests which would help to check your knowledge and skills. It would also help in knowing the areas you need to improve.

Takeaways: We would be giving out PPT/PDF file for the presentation which would be sent to your email IDs after the session.

Participation Certificate: We would also share an online certificate for participation within 1 week.

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