How To Write A Winning Resume?

A Resume(pronounced rezumei) is a summarized document that contains your work history,skills and educational details and qualifications.

A Resume is that document which differentiates you from the rest of the lot when seeking a job. Probably the first thing a Human Resource Personnel will scan through when he receives your job application.

Importance of Resume: A well crafted Resume earns you an interview. Simple,nothing complicated about the statement. But what does a well crafted Resume mean?

How to make your Resume stand out? Is building an efficient Resume that tough? These are a few questions that you are confronted with when you are writing your Resume.

Strictly speaking writing an efficient Resume is an art. So much so that many people are making a career out of Resume writing. The art of writing a Resume needs to be mastered by everyone.

No one needs to be gifted to write a Resume. The skill of writing a Resume can be developed with a little practice everyday before you start job hunting.

Like mentioned in one of my previous articles first impression is the best impression. A Resume is a virtual image of your personality. Remember an employer is looking at your image in the Resume and it must be convincing enough to ask you for an interview.

A cult Resume and you sure have a job beckoning you. So I hope you see the importance of a Resume.

Resume Writing: All of us can write a Resume but only a few of us can write an effective Resume. The main objective of a Resume is to put forth your skills in front of the potential employer in an informative,interesting and catchy way.

Let us look at a few tips that would build an effective Resume:

1.The heading of your Resume has to be apt.

  • Make your name stand out in the heading.
  • Include the relevant contact information.
  • Mention your job objective and your motto in life.

2.Begin your Resume with an assertion of your achievements.

  • Mention about your total qualification level.
  • Use catchy phrases about the progress and transition of your career.
  • Make sure your heading,objective,and qualifications look like a sub-Resume.

3.Boast about your past.

  • Show your work flowchart highlighting your strengths.
  • Use specific dates to assert an achievement.
  • Try to cleverly cover your gaps in your work history.
  • Add any kind of valid internship and voluntary experience possessed.
  • Make sure your past is understood upon a glance.

4.Education history and credits

  • Mention your entire educational history.
  • Highlight achievements as a student.
  • Mention about the extra curricular activities you were associated with.
  • Responsible positions that you took up as a student and your accomplishments as a leader.

5.Final Touches

  • Do not make your Resume overly simple or too exaggerated.
  • Mention only your achievements in a flattering manner.
  • Check for any grammatical errors.
  • Make sure you have the right font types and styles.
  • Finally make sure you have the right Resume for the concerned employer.

A well crafted Resume is a must to find you your dream job and is sure to win you one.

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