Importance of Geese V Formation at a Workplace

Ever noticed the geese migrating during winter in search of a warmer climate. On careful observation, you can notice that the geese fly in a particular V formation. There is a scientific reason behind this formation.

Scientists have proved that the V formation improves the flock’s efficiency by about 71 percent. This is not possible when a goose is flying alone.

The importance of geese V formation at a workplace needs to be understood in order to run a successful enterprise.

Importance of Geese V Formation at a Workplace: For an organisation to achieve it’s success, it is important for all it’s team members to fly along with the same motto.

The motivation geese have in flying together as one flock would definitely be missing when it is flying alone. Say, during the flight one of the geese falls behind, it loses it’s motivation to fly for long. In order to achieve it’s destination it has to take advantage of the whole flock.

The same applies to the employees of an organisation. Remember that an organisation does not run upon the strength of one person and you will need the trust and work of others to progress.

Inspirations That Can Be Drawn From the Geese V: What inspirations can be drawn from the flight of the geese and can be implemented at the workplace? Let us look into them.

  • When a particular goose starts flying out of the V, it is bound to feel the resistance of air. Moreover the danger in flying alone is immense too. It understands that the V formation is needed for it to fly effectively.

In the same way, working as a team ensures the progress and development of an organization and achieving the company goals becomes simpler and easier.

  • You can actually see that, in a V formation there is always only one bird in the front leading the others. As soon as the bird starts getting tired, it would fall back and let a fellow bird take the lead.

At the workplace sharing the responsibilities would ensure a quicker and easier solution. Moreover there is always a satisfaction of achieving and everybody would render help at the required moment.

  • You can hear the geese quacking while flying. This is nothing but a sort of encouragement to one another.

At the workplace, you must always be prepared to take up your responsibilities and upon finishing them, be prepared to help your team. This way, you would develop a mutual respect, encouraging the team to function together.

  • During the flight when one goose falls sick, the other geese are there by his side to help the sick. They would break the formation or form a sub-V and protect the sick until the latter is fit to fly again.

This sort of encouragement is required at a workplace too. When a particular team member has certain difficulties regarding work, proper motivation from the fellow team members always helps.

No matter what, if you keep to your team values and commitments you are sure to fly places like the geese. The importance of geese V formation at a workplace cannot be under-estimated.

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