SEO Basic Quiz – 2

Here is 2nd SEO quiz in the series of quizzes you could take. Some of the points in this Search Engine Optimization Online quiz are –

  • There are multiple answers for each question in which only one is correct
  • Choose the most relevant answers as there might be more than one right answer for a question
  • Results would be displayed after you complete all questions

Let us know how you did. If you disagree with any question, post a comment for the same.

What is Google Hummingbird Update?

For what purpose FaqFox tool used for?

Florida Update in 2003 was all about

RankBrain was first announced in -

What is a black hat SEO?

Danny Sullivan is associated with -

Which is an early name for Google search engine?

What is pagerank algorithms from Microsoft called?

Which is a Microsoft search ranking algorithm?

What does fat head in SEO stands for?



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    your seo quiz is very help full to us thank you soo much

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