Online SEO Basics Quiz – 1

If you think that you know much about search engine optimization then here is a chance to check your knowledge. Take out 1st SEO quiz and let us know your results.

Which of the link below would pass most value to a page?

What is anchor text in this - <a href=""><img src="panda.jpg" alt="panda" title="panda"></a> ?

What is the name of the black hat technique using which one detects the search engine bots and serve a different html page and search different page to users?

Which statement is true for description meta tag?

Google can only read XHTML style meta tags

Which of the below statements are true for optimizing paginated content to appear properly in Google search results?

What hreflang="x" is associated with?

Specifying width and height for images

Which one is most important SEO element?

Which of these are preferred in the URL?

Domain authority is a phrase coined by

Which of the below is not relatively a spam?

What Matt Cutts is discussing?

What is the best way to make money?

The percentage of people that click on an ad vs. those who see it is known as:

In what year was the World Wide Web invented

If page A has 2 links pointing to page B with different anchor text. Which link would be considered by Google?

What is mRSS?

Using "", one could geotarget parts of website?

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