The Importance of References in Job Search

You have applied to a company with a very well built Resume and you had an even more wonderfully drafted covering letter accompanying it. You are confident about receiving an interview call from your potential employer.

But, after a few days you receive a mail from your employer asking for job references. What do you do then?

It’s like serving a well baked cake with no icing on the top. The same applies to your job search. You have the Resume and the cover letter but you missed your references.

Job References: References are quintessential for a job-seeker and also for the employee.

  • A job reference is someone who can attest your skills and qualifications.
  • A strong list of references is sure to get you the job you want. An employer would be wanting someone who knows you,to testify your skills.
  • Bear in mind you are an employer’s asset. He is going to be making a huge investment in you by hiring.
  • Anyone who is making such an investment would definitely want some credibile data before he invests. These credits are only possible through a list of proper job references that you provide.
  • They could be your previous employer’s,colleagues and if you are a student-your professor. These are the people who know your skills and attributes the best.

Compiling Your References: A good reference will get you a job while a bad reference would not,as simple as that.

  • Always make a sure you have a separate list of references,a separate document is preferable.
  • Do not have an array of references in your Resume.
  • Have the reference list printed on the same paper as your Resume.
  • Have the complete information about your reference like designation,address,contact details and email. Be prepared,for your interviewer may ask references.
  • If you are asked to mail them make sure your references are within the body of the message you are sending. Never send a separate attachment.
  • Make sure when switching jobs you get a letter of reference from your former bosses for they might be difficult to have an appointment with once you leave them.
  • Many employers like speaking to the provided references in person rather than having to glance through a sheet of paper. They prefer word of mouth than a piece of paper.
  • Make sure your references are informed well in advance about your employer. Keep them posted about your status. Do not forget to thank them for their cooperation.
  • Ensure that your references are up to date and there is no typo in them. For an inappropriate reference could cost you the job.
  • Inform your prospective employer about acquiring permission from you before contacting your reference. This is very important if you are still with your current employer.
  • Make sure you are not put into an embarrassing situation where your boss gets to know through a prospective that you are likely to quit.
  • Some employers are particular about speaking to all your references,some may just speak to first two,some may contact just the reference mentioned on top while some may not even bother to speak to your references.

No matter what your employer does with your references,it is essential you include them in your job application. References bring a professional look to your Resume and good references would boost your chances of getting a job.

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