Top 25 Myths About Choosing a Career

Choosing a career is not a plot hatched in solitary by an individual. There are a lot of forces that influence one’s choice while choosing a career.

They can be your family, friends, relatives, even the socio-political scenario at that moment of time. Not to forget your developed pre-notions that can have a good influence too. When so many forces play a part in a career choice of one person there are bound to be mixed thoughts and false notions.

These false notions also known as ‘myths’ can prove to be very tricky to deal with. After a lot of research, I have come up with the following myths regarding career choices and career paths.

Myths About Choosing a Career

Let us look at the following myths first and I shall discuss them in detail towards the end.

  • Making a career choice is a very simple task
  • Not knowing what to do would mean that there’s something not right about you
  • Know what your career is before your 21st birthday or else you fail for the rest of your life
  • Choosing a wrong career would result in your failure and that would mean the end of it
  • You can only take up one career and can’t look at any other options
  • Everyone has a perfect job tailor made for them
  • Happiness is impossible without a perfect career
  • A career development professional can tell you what profession to be in
  • You need to talk to a lot of career development professionals before you can zero in on your career choice
  • Try to choose a career from the ‘Best Careers List’
  • You still need some more information to ponder upon before a decision can be taken
  • Your hobby can’t be a profession and even if it is, it would land you nowhere
  • You would fare well in a career because your friend is doing so
  • Having a degree in Arts would not get you a proper job
  • Hands on experience is necessary to know about an occupation
  • Pick up an occupation and things will fall into place themselves
  • You will be stuck in the same career forever
  • Feeling tedious in a career would mean you are in the wrong job
  • Switching careers would mean your skills are now a waste
  • A good RESUME is all that you need no matter how bad the job is and how dissatisfied you are with it
  • Make lots of money and you will be happy
  • Always have a contingency plan
  • Job market is tough now-a-days
  • Your career defines your life

Actual Facts

Choosing a career cannot be instantaneous. A career evolves over a period of time out of your interests, personal values and your skill to adapt to new situations.

  • Most students do not have a clarity about what they want to do after their education. This is not uncommon. Proper research would help them choose the right career path
  • Don’t let people influence you into taking a quick decision. Taking a late decision would also help you gain life experiences which are welcomed in many fields. People didn’t get to know Einstein or Jesus at the age of 21
  • A wrong career choice does not mean you have failed. Failure beckons when you do not want to adapt
  • A combination of several elements defines your career. So any one of them elements can be a career itself. Never feel there is one and only one career you can fit into
  • No job is tailor-made for anyone. There is nothing like a perfect job one can find. Keep in mind, the possibilities are endless
  • Speaking to a number of career counsellors does not fetch you a career or job. Career counsellors can only bring out the inherent qualities in you, it is you alone who has to choose your career path
  • There is nothing like a ‘best careers list’ that you can choose from. A person can make a career out of one profession at a certain point of time but a few years later that profession might not be in vogue owing to the economic conditions or political scenario
  • Never let the information you gather become exhaustive as there is a danger of postponing your decision infinitely. Information can also be gathered after you have taken a decision
  • Hobbies can make a perfect career choice. Skills gained from hobbies can sometimes overpower bookish knowledge
  • No form of education or degree is a waste. There is something for everyone. Never feel your friend’s profession would fit you since he is happy in it. You might want to do something more that suits you though you might possess the same knowledge as your friend
  • Picking up a career is not job done. You need to keep picking up other required skills along your career path. You won’t be stuck in one career forever. You will find that opportunities are enormous in the growing industry and your acquired skills would serve you all along your career path
  • Remember getting a proper job could be tough but never use it as an excuse and try to put the blame on a tough market. This would certainly lead to your failure
  • Having a backup plan is always good but always keep in mind to put in your best efforts in what you believe in. Not having to use contingency theories is the best thing that can happen to one’s career

Earning money is definitely a part of your career but it’s not your career. In the same way your career is only a part of your life and life has a lot more to offer.

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