6 Signs it’s Time for a Career Change – When to Switch Careers

Most of us are often contemplating about when to switch careers. Except for a select few, most people in their careers tend to switch jobs at least once.

Switching jobs in one’s career do not have any kind of a negative impact on the person. Rather, it is an opportunity to explore new dimensions in one’s career. Career switching is a considerable risk and the options surrounding it have to be carefully considered.

When to Switch Careers

There are quite a few factors that can force a career change. Let us look at a few of them.

1. Monotony

This is one of the major factors for career switching decisions.

  • Monotony in a job leads to boredom. Boredom in one’s job leads to hatred towards the job itself.
  • We often hear people saying how much they hate their job. The cause of hatred is the monotony of the job offering no new challenges.
  • Start reconsidering your options immediately before you start to break down.

2. Salary

Another very important factor that contributes towards changing careers or jobs is salary.

  • After gathering considerable experience from a certain company, most people begin to feel that they are being underpaid.
  • If at all you are thinking about selling your expertise for a higher pay, it is better to switch to a better-paying place.

3. Distance

Sometimes, the distance you have to travel in order to get to your workplace and the time consumed by it also plays a huge role in undermining your job.

The delays often caused due to heavy traffic and travel times could have an effect on your work.

4. Perks

Every employee expects to gain a few benefits from his employer like medical, travel, housing etc. Some companies pay for your expenses based on your position while a few just don’t consider providing any such perks.

If you feel that you are being underpaid, it’s better to hop off.

5. Overlooked

It sometimes so happens, even the best of the employees are overlooked by their management. Don’t know why, but the employee tends to get a feeling that he/she is not being given credit for his work.

If this is the case in your company, it is high time you start planning a change.

6. Unforeseen Circumstances

There are situations when a particular industry would just cease to exist. If your company belongs to such an industry, it is better to pro-act and find yourself a different career.

The above factors are only a few that answer the question “when to switch careers?”. But, there can be several other factors like values, creativity, and passion towards a skill that might prompt a career change.

Below are some of the other top reasons which triggers thought of career change –

  • You Have No Idea What You’re Doing
  • The work you do make you feel Pathetic
  • You want to earn more than than what you are making now
  • You are constantly required to upgrade your skills
  • Current job is not utilizing your skills, training, and talent
  • You hate your job
  • You want to pursue your passion
  • Your career is not a good fit for your lifestyle
  • Your job is very stressful
  • You feel too much tired at the end of the day
  • Your heart is not quite into the work you do
  • You are jealous of your friends making more money or enjoying life

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